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Not limited to the one protein - For All types of proteins

Weathertin rubs were developed for the BBQ enthusiasts wanting the new benchmark, for the authentic experience made right here in Australia.

The founders of Weathertin, specifically developed these four products after years of working directly with some of the world’s top BBQ competitors and creating products for some of the world’s top restaurants. After over 25 years of working in some of the world’s top five-star Michelin-rated properties, the founders consolidated their knowledge, extensively trialed all the products to create this range of the new benchmark standard of BBQ rubs.

The founders realized, after traveling to some of the world’s best BBQ locations, that you do not need to add artificial flavours and ingredients (when creating the best products in their class).

Utilizing all aspects and knowledge from BBQing the wood, smoke, temperature, equipment, and ultimately the cuts of meats, the Weathertin rub range was designed for complementing and enhancing all the attributes for the real pitmasters.

The Weathertin rub range takes rubs to another new level using all-natural, ethically sourced ingredients.

Once opened they will slightly harden as there are no additives or nasties. Simply shake or tap to loosen.

Enjoy! Smoke on….

The Weathertin kit range is currently under development please contact us for more information.

Brisket –

We have developed our BBQ Brisket Rub with high-quality standards and ingredients, based on the combined knowledge that we have acquired over the years from the BBQ heartlands to offer the ultimate blend available.

The perfect balance of salts and various grades of hand-selected peppers carefully blended with spices and sugar. Trialing this product directly with our industry colleagues has assisted in refining this rub for your real pit experience.

Matching the wood, smoke, temperature… Wow-what a bark crust!  Remember natural ingredients are used and no chemical nasties.

Salt, pepper, sugar, spices, rice starch.

Lamb –

Using the new benchmark knowledge, the founders incorporated only a few special herbs and spices that create the ultimate balance that compliments the fat and sweetness of this protein.

Not limited to lamb, this rub is also outstanding on goat, pork, and fish.

Salt, pepper, sugar, herbs, spices, rice starch

Chicken –

Imagine a lightly smoked, crispy-skinned bark roasted chicken, which is literally finger-licking & hard to resist.

This rub will take all of your poultry to the next level.

The founders, drawing on their fine dining restaurant experience, have hand-selected herbs & spices, gently blended them together to create; quote “an outstanding,” delicious rub.

Salt, pepper, sugar, herbs, spices, lemon, rice starch

Smokey Chipotle –

What pitmaster does not have a chipotle spice rub in their arsenal?

The founders were given this blend from a real master of their pit competitor, only a handful of natural ingredients are needed for this real rub.

Ultimately compliments all cuts of pork, however, using it across all species creates their own mouthwatering perfection.

Salt, pepper, sugar, spices, rice starch

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